Email General Configuration

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Email General configuration settings for mail clients and mobile devices.

It is possible to configure your e-mail client or mobile device to retrieve and send the e-mails using your hosting server.

You can use these settings to login into your email on your mobile device and other third party apps like the default mail clients available on Windows and Apple laptops, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

To set up an e-mail client for an e-mail account, please use the following configurations:

Username: your e-mail address provided
Password: your e-mail password provided
Incoming server type: IMAP
Incoming server (IMAP): 993 port for SSL, 143 for TLS.
Outgoing server (SMTP): 465 port for SSL, 25/587 port for TLS.
Incoming server/outgoing server name: your server name provided

Outgoing server authentication should be switched onSPA (secure password authentication) must be disabled.

Enjoy your email service.

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