How to configure your custom email on mobile

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Break through the hassle of always having to be on the desktop to access your custom email. With the few steps listed below, you can setup your email with the Gmail app and start using it right away. 1.Open GMAIL app on your mobile phone 2.Go to the Settings from the menu (usually at the bottom) Click on “Add Account” … Read More

Information needed to setup your website

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Looking forward to getting your website? Congratulations! To setup your website, we will need some information from you.   FOR GENERAL WEBSITES Logo About Us Team, Mission, Vision Testimonials Products or Services Contact Information Any extra information Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages, etc   FOR SCHOOLS Logo About : Mission, Vision, School Campus, Parents, Safety & Security Teachers, Admissions, Affiliations, Testimonials, … Read More

Email General Configuration

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Email General configuration settings for mail clients and mobile devices. It is possible to configure your e-mail client or mobile device to retrieve and send the e-mails using your hosting server. You can use these settings to login into your email on your mobile device and other third party apps like the default mail clients available on Windows and Apple … Read More