Why does your small business need a website?

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Many people when asked say, they don’t have the skills, the time, or the money to build a business website. Some others claim their business don’t need one.

Nearly 40% of small businesses do not have a website in 2018 even if websites have been around for over 25 years. If you fall into that 40%, it’s almost as if your business does not exist.

In this modern era, majority of people search for whatever they need online. This development indicates that having an online presence through a website and/or social media is becoming more important for businesses of all sizes. And if you are in the business world, getting your information out there is key and critical.

Here are some advantages your business can derive from getting a website.

  • Improve Your Business’s Credibility

Having a website proves your credibility. It reassures users that your business is legitimate and explains why your business is valuable.

  • You can control information and branding

Social media comments and user reviews are great. But, you should be in charge of the information that is presented to the public. With your website, you make it look exactly how you want. Your own logo, colors, etc. in line with your business brand.

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  • Show Up in Local Search Results

If your business does not have a website and you depend on print, other forms of traditional advertising and word of mouth to gain new customers, you are likely missing out on prospective customers. People rely on search to find businesses near them so, showing up in search results puts you in competition with larger companies.

  • Obtain Customer Information

It’s easier to obtain potential customers info via your website than social media. Remember that website asking for your email for a free* eBook? Ways like that and many more can be used to obtain customers info for easier marketing.


Websites are valuable for all types of businesses large or small. And, it’s easier now than ever to get a website for your business. It doesn’t have to be a hassle and pocket draining experience.

Have you made a decision to expose your business to the world of online possibilities? Get in touch with us now and let us make your website a reality.

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